Hatim is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with its certification from DNV, Norway and equipped with High Tech and sophisticated technology and LAB facilities for maintaining quality. Hatim PPR Pipes and Fittings are in conformity with DIN Standard 8077/8078 for pipes and DIN 19560/16962 for fittings, uPVC Pipes & Fittings in conformity with BS 3505, ISO 4422.
Hatim deems itself responsible to help in building up a prosperous nation. It has employed almost 1200 men and women in its office and factory and thus contributes significantly to the Government Revenue Sector. Its highly trained workers and their flawless performance warrant & ensure quality & durability of its products.
By exercising unprecedented effort & commitment to provide quality products and services at reasonable costs, HATIM, despite facing hardships has always been in continuous growth in terms of production facilities, technology and expertise. It has established itself as a reputed supplier in the market. Its products have earned reputation in India and many other countries in the world as well. With many years of accumulated experience of making and marketing pipes, HATIM stands steadfast with profound confidence to expand its horizon in the international market.
Through vigorous selection and evaluation process best quality & high grade raw materials are used for manufacturing of Hatim Products. The factory is located at Morkun, Tongi and is equipped with 9injection moulding machine. Around 550 workers under the supervision of more than 50 technical experts & engineers from respective disciplines, put in their best efforts to give shape to consumer demands. Each and every process in the line of manufacturing goes through a stringent & sophisticated quality control method and gets checked for even the slightest of non conformance. The company has its own R&D laboratory for design innovations that can meet both expressed and unexpressed consumer demands.