Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Guided by relentless focus, we strive to achieve our mission by taking constant critical initiatives. Delivering operational excellence in every aspect of manufacturing and meeting or exceeding our commitments to our customers is our top priority. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions are moulded by a set of core values. We are committed to implementing them and providing the best personal experience to customers through our innovative design solutions and customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision reinforces that every home is our domain; every customer is a member of HATIM. This vision fuels the passion that we have for our customers, pushing us to provide innovative solutions to uniquely meet their needs. We take pride in our work, and passion for creating unmatched customer loyalty of our brands with a performance that excites and rewards clientele with superior returns.


The Board of Directors of HATIM consists of four dignitaries. The Chairperson, Managing Director, Director (Marketing & Sales) and Director (Operation & HRD)

Quality Policy

We are committed to comply with all requirements of our customers, in terms of our service and product quality including regulatory and other statutory requirements. We are also committed for continual improvement of our process and our Quality Management System, as a whole, aiming at customer satisfaction and benefit of the Organization by:- Constant endeavor toward timely production and delivery and reduction of faulty product and wastage. Constant endeavor to assess risks & opportunities and address them as appropriate. Monitoring customer’s perception & interested parties needs and expectations for improvement opportunities in all possible areas & maintaining mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Story

Hatim Group of Industries Ltd. started its operation in 2000. Since its inception, the management of Hatim has always believed in endeavoring to provide the best comprehensive solutions to drinking water & sewage system. It also offers a comprehensive solution to a diverse range of clients, both in local and international markets. HATIM is proud to have all kinds of related certificates from prominent test laboratories across the country. Hatim, with its inherent reputation of being a leading name in manufacturing of different products in Bangladesh and overseas has taken new initiatives for further diversification in the market. Hatim Polymer Ltd., happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of uPVC pipes & fittings in Bangladesh. HATIM, as a modern technical enterprise and one of the leaders in plastic pipe industry, utilizes a highly accurate production standard. Hatim Polymer Limited is one of the largest producers of Poly Propylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) piping system in the country. Hatim Steel Structure Ltd, is a concern of Hatim Group. It has the most innovative technology for manufacturing furniture and gas stove. The brand “HATIM” is a popular name in Bangladesh for its products namely GI Pipes, MS Pipes, SS Pipes, uPVC Pipes & Fittings, PPR Pipes & Fittings, HDPE Pipes etc. These products merit best quality and have no bio hazard i.e. they are ozone friendly and recyclable. Modern scientific prudence has been applied to ensure that no fault occurs anywhere in service. Each component is subjected to a multistage inspection, which ensures accuracy and durability of the fittings in all type of industrial, agricultural, domestic, and other piping installations. Our factory is equipped with modern plants and machinery and inspection equipment, skilled employees & staff. Rigid inspection through all stages of manufacturing ensures the highest standard of accuracy now associated with all Hatim Brand Products.

Our Valued Clients