uPVC Pipe and Fitings


Unplasticized PVC (Rigid PVC) Pipes & Fittings need no introduction being one of the most ubiquitous piping systems, which is cost effective and improves the reliability of pipeline installations. They can be fabricated to close dimensional tolerances, they are light without being weak, rigid without being brittle and cheaper per unit volume when compared with any other piping material. The principal reason for the great economy of uPVC pipe & Fittings is not the dependency on their cost per meter as delivered at site but the dramatic reduction in installation cost, which can be achieved by intelligent exploitation of their being light weight, their availability in longer lengths, their ease of joining and immunity from corrosion.

Standards and Specifications:

Hatim’s uPVC Pipes & Fittings can be manufactured for any customer as per specified International standard (such as ISO, ASTM, BS, BDS and others) or any customized specifications. Right from 15 mm diameter pipes up to 400 mm diameter high pressure pipes can be supplied within short lead time. Also fittings from 80 mm to 250 mm diameter can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.

The guiding principal of the company is to provide world standard quality to its customers by using quality raw materials and latest technology.


There is virtually no limit to the varied uses of uPVC Pipes & Fittings. For your guidance we have listed below some typical examples of the many uses of Hatim uPVC Pipes & Fittings.

  • Water Mains & Potable Water Services
  • Cold water plumbing services
  • Fire ring mains
  • Sewage main-pumped & gravity feed
  • Drainage installations-domestic & industrial
  • Factory supply lines
  • Slurry lines
  • Chemical plant installations
  • Coal washing plant
  • Power station screening plant pipelines.
  • Power station chlorination plant
  • Water aeration plant
  • Irrigation system
  • Down pipes for large rain water systems & farms
  • Buildings, football stands, etc. storm water culverts
  • Surface water drainage
  • Sewage farm stand-pipes and filter bed rotor arms
  • Ducting for power and communication cables for crossing rivers, estuaries, roads, rallies, bridges, etc.
  • Irrigation Farm and range irrigation-system and sprinkler system.


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