PPR Pipe & Fittings


PP-R  (polypropylene  Random)  pipes  &  fittings  for  cold  and  hot  water  line are  manufactured  by Hatim using  German  Technology with imported  raw materials which passed  8760  hours  test  in  German  National  Accreditation  of  Laboratory.

These products have also won the recognition of Australian Quality Supervision (AQS) and ISO 9002 from International Quality Certification Network (IQ NET). Furthermore, in Bangladesh, the product has also passed all the tests at BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology).

PP-R pipes, fittings and welding machines are widely being distributed throughout the country by our distribution team.

Standards and Specifications:

Hatim’s PPR Pipes & Fittings are manufactured as per DIN 8077/8078 specification. Right from 15 mm diameter pipes up to 100 mm diameter. High pressure pipes can be supplied within short lead times.


  • PP-R pipes are suitable for following applications:
  • Household pipeline for cold & hot water
  • Drinking & purifying water projects
  • Condensation pipeline for central air conditioner
  • Production transmission system of beverage and medicine
  • Pipeline for compressed air
  • All kind of pipelines for agriculture and industry
  • Underground gas pipe line


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